Dell XPS 13 – Futuristic view

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The Dell XPS 13 , the new American company laptop is now available in Spain. This was one of the models ultrabook most anticipated for its construction and design, and as of today and can be purchased for 1,149 euros.

The Dell XPS 13 has the hallmark of its design, because inside there are no outstanding developments in their technical characteristics, which follow exactly as marked by the “appellation of origin” ultrabook. To know you better we have prepared this post thoroughly before putting our hands on a test drive.

Dell XPS 13: design that seeks to differentiate

With a very similar interior features on all models of ultrabooks, there are three factors that we consider to be destabilizing in this range: design, keyboard and autonomy .

The Dell XPS 13 is one of the more personality ultrabooks market. It has an aluminum casing and high quality carbon fiber base to give it more strength while reducing the heat in that part of the team. The Dell XPS 13 gets a weight of 1.36 kg and a figure that ranges from 6 mm in its thinnest at 18 mm in the thickest. These data seem very good despite not place it in the forefront of ultrabooks.


The finish quality of the Dell XPS 13 is multi-touch touchpad with integrated button glass, and the full keyboard chiclet with backlight .

Gorilla Glass display

The ultrabook Dell XPS 13 offers a promising display. Its size is 13.3 inches , is of type LED and has a brightness of 300 nits. Most notable is that it comes with Gorilla Glass technology for hardening glass is made and reduced under convinces us that the screen does take up more in the design and have been able to compress the size of the team without giving up a good diagonal .

As with other ultrabooks, we have to pull the ears of the company to stay at a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels .

In the section on technical features , the base model starts with a Intel Core i5 2467M (we can reach an i7 2637M) with 4 GB of RAM and drive SSD of 128 GB which can expand to 256 GB. No surprises in the graphics with an Intel HD 3000.

As for the battery , the Dell XPS 13 rides one of six cells with 47 Whr that on paper should give a range of nearly nine hours . Soon see where that is in reality.

Just the theoretical review Dell XPS 13 talking about their connectivity. In its slim profile includes a port USB 3.0, a 2.0 with PowerShare, a headphone jack and a Mini DisplayPort connection , so no HDMI . Take this into account.

Add WIF i type n, Bluetooth 3.0, Sound Waves MaxxAudio 4 and 1.3 MP webcam and will complete the picture of the new Dell XPS 13.

Dell XPS 13, price and availability

The Dell XPS 13 is now on sale with a starting price of the basic model with Core i5 and SSD of 128 GB, 1,149 euros . If we choose the one that includes 256 GB of disk SSD and Core i7, the price goes up to 1,400 euros.

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