ICACHE Geode, a cover that becomes your credit card universal

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As companies struggle to establish their payment system with mobile and marks placed advanced technologies such as NFC in their terminals, the cover ICACHE Geode seeks simplicity.


The idea of the company ICACHE and is scheduled to start in the month of May. The cover Geocode intended to be a universal payment system with which we do not have to worry about carry credit card or access cards to places where it is necessary to identify through magnetic stripe or bar code .
The first thing to do, to be branded the system is to use a card reader that reads the magnetic stripe data and copy it in the phone memory within the application. Then all we want to pay or use a particular card, we just have to “activate” on the phone and it will pass the data to the cover, which includes a master card in which data are recorded on the card type that we will use in time.

If you are in doubt about the safety of the system, consider ICACHE with fingerprint reader included in the safety case can be maintained. In addition, retention of data in the master card can be defined us, and can range from the 20 seconds required to pay to hours.                                                                                            

The card reader system can also be used with models in which one has to use the bar code, for which we can use the camera’s own iPhone. For later use in an electronic ink display cover shows the same bar code and we can pass the appropriate reader.

Geode This case is scheduled to start in May with a price of between 160 and 200 dollars . What do you think?

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