Announcing the date of registration of Google IO 2012, tuned to 27 March

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Are you thinking of going to Google IO this year 2012? Well, you might find that Vic Gundotra announced this afternoon through his page on Google + to event registration can be made from March 27 at 7 AM PT. Mindful of this exact date, and last year sold out the 5,000 tickets that went on sale in just one hour. Of course, this year the number of enrollment is around $ 900 , but you know that always falls a little gift in the form of expensive mobile or tablet last thing you take Android. You have two weeks to convince your boss to pay you the registration and the short trip to San Francisco. Luck.

This year’s event Google IO  , will be held one month later than the date that had been the usual these last four years of existence. Plus it will have one more day, being the date of the event on 27, 28 and 29 June . Three days on which all point to see something big. The shots are on Android 5.0 Jelly Bean and, if possible, see how Apple strikes back at just after one week of their own developer event, the WWDC .

Google IO 2012 is primarily focused on offering workshops on all available technologies from Google . It is true that more and more emphasis is being given to Android. But we can not forget the large number of APIs and their pervasive Chrome browser with the social network Google + . By the way, essential to have account to sign up to the event, plus Google Wallet to pay for registration. It’s your event and had their land barren.

If you remember the keynotes and workshops last year, both are still available on YouTube ( Google developer channel ) and the web before Google IO 2011 . Many of them are essential to master the key technologies of the Google ecosystem, both its products and its open source projects.

Do any of you will or plan to go?

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