CircleMe, a network to be aware of the things you love

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Communities in which we say what we like or we no longer like there are plenty, from the general and even some dedicated Facebook only to that, as Bananity. CircleMe is another network of this style, but with certain peculiarities.

The main one is that CircleMe allows you to be aware of what goes around what you like. Each likehave user reviews and stories, which are articles or videos made by users on that particular subject.For example, if I say I like a band, I see activity tab everything new related to it : where they will give a concert, a video of their last song, an article on his new album … The network is a further: you can “plant” items in one place, so that anyone close to them you see them on their mobile app (for iPhone).You can also recommend things to friends, and talk to them through private messaging.

The truth is that CircleMe quite caught my attention . It is easy to use interface and is really attractive, and can be very useful with a bit more content. Recommended to take a look, will surprise you.

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