Google + developers forget: the API does not allow you to publish content on your social network

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The feeling that Google + is a kind of ghost town is becoming increasingly common, is that although the big G strives to take all of your social network, generates very little content in it, so it is not surprising that the average spent on site is of just over 3 minutes per month . One of the main reasons for this lack of content is the inability to publish through the API .

When half a year ago introduced the first version of the API of Google + , we all thought it was a good step in the pursuit of Facebook, but 6 months later the only news is the version 0.2 of its API for hangouts and everything else that we can find are methods to access user information, pages and comments . Google’s move is clear: you can display content from your social network on other sites to attract people to it, while not allow the automatic publication of content external that can make your profile page is full, for example, links to Facebook or Pinterest content.

In the words of Vic Gundotra, vice president of Google’s Social Business , the reason that the APIis still so green and probably would not allow the automatic publication of any content is not to saturate the stream of users :

Your stream could easily saturate.

When Google opened an API , developers want you to know we are not going to end up revoking access.

I have seen others open their API s, create an ecosystem of external customers and end by closing the API . If I’m going to release an API is when you are sure that I will not annoy the developers.

And so, with the excuse of not wanting to haunt users, the fact is they are giving us very little incentive to develop for your platform. An API reading only of little interest to application developers. It is an approach that might be useful for services like Google Maps, but the interesting social network is the content and this is precisely what is missing from Google + to take off at once, despite the large number of users you have.

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